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The revised low-tension accumulator will be presented at the Bäumer's company open house "Bäumer@work". [ more ]


Accumulator for foils/foam

The low-tension accumulator WSP was revised and improved in the infeed area in order to store at higher speeds safely and reliably thin films or foam. This innovation will be presented at Bäumer in Freudenberg at Open House "Bäumer@work" to take advantage of these benefits in the long splitting machines.

Without the accumulator, the long splitting machine has to be stopped completely in order to switch rolls. In addition to slowing down production and causing possible knife marks on the existing block, stopping the machine especially causes tolerance deviations in the initial meters of the roll after the machine is started up again.

The accumulator upstream from the winding unit makes it possible to keep the cutting process going, or only slows down the machine slightly, depending on the type of winding unit.

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