When mattresses are cut out from foam blocks, the cutouts remains in the mattress after cutting. The machine automatically removes these cut outs. Depending on the customer's requirements and the pattern of the mattresses the longitudinal and transverse lines can are unpacked automatically. After that these mattresses can be processed, such as lamination or framed but in a mattress cover.
Following sizes of mattresses can be processed (on request also other dimensions are possible):
  • Width: up to 2, 2 m
  • Length: up to 2, 2 m
  • Height: 80 mm up to 400 mm
  • Unpacking time: 15 seconds to 60 seconds, depending on the mattress section or plant layout
Also fully automated systems are possible, to that take over the complete cutted foam block and then convey the stacked and unwrapped mattresses out of the plant. This system automatically removes the upper and lower "skin" of the foam block and may combined with mattress un-/stacker. It is possible to create fully automatic processing lines.
We can provide you also with videos of this machines.